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‘In Him you also trusted, after you heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation; in whom also, having believed, you were sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise, who is the guarantee of our inheritance until the redemption of the purchased possession, to the praise of His glory.’ Ephesians 1:13-14 https://www.bible.com/bible/114/EPH.1.13-14

In the mid 90’s there was a film that came out called Independence Day.  It was a family favorite movie growing up but by no means a family friendly movie due to its graphic depiction of aliens and destruction on the earth.  Watching the movie growing up it was just entertainment but looking back on it now I see some spiritual implications.  I am in no way advertising for the movie but the spirit of wisdom allowed me to see some correlation as it relates to my faith.  The basic premise of the film is an alien invasion of planet earth and the destruction of major cities to take all of its resources.  Of course, earth’s inhabitants were not going to allow that to happen so a group of ordinary American citizens comes up with a plan to destroy the aliens and its mothership.

In the early scenes, we are shown the mothership floating in space and the secondary ships breaking off and floating towards earth to strategically position themselves over major cities around the world.  Before the ships entered into the earth’s atmosphere people started to notice that the signals were being disrupted on their televisions to the appearance of 1950’s screens.  There were only handful of people who noticed or were concerned about these disruptions while they showed many who still continued on with life as they knew it.  Spiritual implication #1: As a believer living in these last days, there are a lot of things going on in the heavens causing disruptions on earth.  The Bible says last days just before Christ returns should be as in the days of Noah.  Some Bible experts say be expecting the return of giants and the manifestations of “alien” beings which are really demons to appear on earth. Those studies are not in my wheelhouse nor what I want this blog site to be about.  However, Jesus mentioned in those days people were marrying and giving in marriage living life as they knew it until sudden destruction.  For believers experiencing these somewhat visible disruptions should not cause us fear but concern.  Alarms should be going off to get our households and those we love ready because the day of our redemption is drawing closer.

As the movie went on more people were made aware that this disruption was actually an alien invasion.  The ships were hovering over major cities and people could visibly see them in the sky.  Some people in the film packed their bags and tried to leave the city.  One character in the movie a former military fighter pilot turned crop duster experienced an alien abduction and tried to warn people for years that they would be returning but no one believed him until now.  Other people ignored instructions to evacuate and literally partied until the moment of their destruction.  Spiritual implication #2: It is inevitable whether you are a believer or not Jesus Christ is returning.  Everyone will be given a fair warning.  We can respond in two ways we can follow instructions and accept Jesus Christ and prepare to meet Him or we can reject Him until the moment of our destruction by then it will be too late.

Once the aliens signaled to each other to destroy the cities, very few people survived.  Even the First Lady of the United States in the film did not evacuate until the last minute and she barely escaped.  Her husband urged her to leave right away but she stayed to finish up some business she had instead.  In the aftermath, many were left confused and helpless.  Which left the President seeking answers in Area 51, a supposed government cover-up of previous alien experiments from the 1950’s.  Upon the president’s arrival, he was met with a scientist that had been down underground in Area 51 for years and he had been studying the alien technology and their anatomies.  They even had one of their smaller spaceships that crashed and had been hiding it underground.  The scientist having no clue of the level of destruction the invasion has caused regarded the recent event as exciting when he noticed all the gadgets and gizmos lighting up in the spaceship when the other alien ships came into the atmosphere.  Of course the President did not think it was exciting because these aliens caused many deaths.  Spiritual implication #3:  As we are aware of all the natural disasters, worldly turmoil, rumors of wars, Bible prophecy being fulfilled, we should be getting signals from the Holy Spirit that our redemption is drawing near but not yet.  Just as the instruments were lighting up in the alien ship when it sensed the other ships were near.  The spirit within us is waking up and believers across the globe are waking up to it too.

The survivors in the film came up with a plan to defeat the alien invaders that included taking the spacecraft and flying it into space where the mothership is located and implanting a virus into its computer system.  They found the two most qualified individuals they had available to complete that mission.  When they took the aircraft into space as they got within a certain distance of the mothership, the aircraft automatically was guided in.  Even though that ship had been gone for years the mothership could recognize it as one of its own and dock with it.  Spiritual implication#4: We are the aliens in a way. This present earth is not our home.  Once you accepted Jesus you renounced your current earthly citizenship for the new earth, our home base.  No matter if you have walked with Christ for years, you’re new in your walk, or you left for a while, repented and came back, we are brothers and sisters and we are all connected through the Spirit for redemption. Just as that mothership recognized that long-lost ship the Father will recognize you because we have His Spirit.  When it is time for us to go home and dock with Him we don’t have to do anything, He has it all under control.

I will not give away the end of the film in case anyone would like to watch it.  I just wanted to point out the spiritual applications.  In no way, I am likening the return of our precious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to an alien invasion.  It will be much bigger than that with greater repercussions.  There will be a whole host of heavenly armies and saints, not one person will be able to hide.  While there is still time I urge you if you are not saved please accept Jesus Christ today for the forgiveness of your sins and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit so that you may be recognized by the Father when it comes our appointed time for departure.  If you have accepted Christ, but are not sensing the closeness of Christ’s return then you may be caught up in the cares of this life or ignoring the blatant signs that surround us.  Don’t be like the First Lady in the movie who was warned but did not leave until the last minute.  She barely made it.  Spoiler alert! She ends up dying from injuries later in the film as a consequence of not leaving when she should have.  Prepare now.

2 thoughts on “Home Base

  1. Oh my – Independence Day is one of my favorite films–watch it at least once a year. I never before saw the spiritual implications that you have identified, but you are exactly point on in each one. The scene that I can’t forget is the one where they are partying on top of the high rise building in NYC and welcoming the “mother ship” to earth, and then the ship fires down the laser beam and kills them all. They were so excited and wanting to make contact, but they were SO deceived. They did not recognize who their enemy was.

    We need to pray against the horrible deception that blankets the earth, and that makes people comfortable with horrific events and anti-God philosophies simply because they are promoted continuously and have become common-place.

    Thank you for promoting the truth. There is an anointing that rests on this blog.


    1. You’re exactly right Karen. Those people partying on the high rise building were deceived. Even the young lady who was warned by her friend not to go didn’t listen and she was destroyed by the beam. It’s so sad. We definitely need to pray that our loved ones don’t fall prey to these horrific deceptions. Thank you again Karen for your support.


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